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Isabel Lambert, President Tula Fitness Spa - Toronto

We’ve been a client of LEXXtech since early 2007, starting with SEO services and December 2009 we migrated over to Social Media Marketing services as a way of connecting with clients & prospects.

As a business it is important so stay updated in the digital loop and Lexxtech has assisted us and walked by our side providing technical guidance in a digital marketplace. I have so much trust in the advice which we’ve received over the years that I hired LEXXtech as our Business Coach; money and time well spent!!

I highly recommend LEXXtech for their Professional, Technical and Friendly Service,and be prepared to move beyond the simple vendor relationship for you will gain new friends.

Martha Chan, V.P Marketing Divorce Magazine - Toronto

We’ve been working with LEXXtech since April 2007 on a variety of projects, from SEO, Website consultation and Social Media Training & Consultation. When we need a breath of fresh technology and a different set of eyes, LEXXtech never fails to deliver. With pleasure I recommend LEXXtech and please expect to have a long-standing friendship, one that goes way beyond client-vendor relationship.

Rita M., President Saxon . Kruss - Toronto

I just watched the video with my mom and we both have tears in our eyes, literally. There are very few people with true creativity and you have talent. Thank you so much for listening to my vision and making it a reality.

V. Ophelia Rigault, Author, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, & Energy Healer, VOpheliaRigault - Kingston

I came to the process wanting a new site. I had some ideas, which I shared with the team at LEXXtech and they took my confusing thoughts and created a great site. The process, was not effortless, but the team were amazing, understanding and so professional - and voilà, my site was created and the feedback has been amazing.

Thanks LEXXtech!

Donna Guerra, Artist, IntroducingMe - Toronto

Thank you for making IntroducingMe.ca a thing of beauty and enjoyable online presence. I was unaware of the process of creating an eCommerce site and though the process was quite involved, the team at LEXXtech took their time to walk me through and the end result is truly amazing with clients and prospects sharing their positive comments about my new eCommerce, portfolio site. 

I recommend LEXXtech for their excellence in service.' 

Edeva Smith, Executive, Eva Smith Bursary - Toronto

I have know the founder of LEXXtech since I was a teenager and knowing the type of person she was then I had no doubt that she would also apply her great personality and work ethics to her company....her knowledgeable advice was always delivered with a caring attitude.

Our website was a customized design, where she understood our vision, guided her team to the final production of a professional, creative and user friendly site. I would not hesitate to recommend LEXXtech to others.

For our next generation site, LEXXtech steered us to Social Media and assisted us in creating our blog-style website. We are enjoying the control we have and look forward to building strong relationships with our visitors through Social Media interaction.

Neal Claassen, President, SO Showcases - Vaughan

We have used LEXXtech over the past 8 years to help us with SEO, Search Engine Optimization, the most under-rated part of web business. LEXXtech has helped us make the top 5 list on the top search engines, and now we only market through the net. Their service has been extremely valuable in this regard and I would recommend LEXXtech to anyone without reservation. They are extremely professional, and their services will pay for themselves many times over.

I do not necessarily recommend anyone easily, but I'm glad to do so in this regard. I am confident that you will be pleased with LEXXtech’s service.

Cliff Bacchus, M.D. Doctor and Author - Bahamas

I'm a medical doctor and a author. LEXXtech came to my rescue on several occasions and relieved me of the stress of designing & developing my online presence. The Internet was not familiar grounds and having LEXXtech guide me through the process made becoming part of today’s Internet Communication, stress free! ... it was like magic! It paid off big time! I will never forget the services LEXXtech offered me. They are a cornucopia of fine services and technical know-how.

Through LEXXtech's guidance to become involved in Social Media to promote my book and brand myself, I became a bestseller and an international doctor. I Honestly affirm, it's a labor of love dealing with LEXXtech. I recommend LEXXtech to any intelligent and motivated persons who appreciate the finest in Internet Services.

Allan Vandall, President, Connected Ownership - South Carolina

In developing our company's online presence, LEXXtech consistently demonstrated a rare combination of high touch, e-marketing ability, leading with their very strong technical ability and strategy
They greatly help an owner to clarify and focus their company’s online presence. Also, LEXXtech well communicates the compelling value of the owner's company to their target market to give an online company the marketing edge it needs for success.