About LEXXtech

Zahida A. Khan

LEXXtech was founded by Zahida A. Khan in 1999, offering a variety of web related services.

Prior to LEXXtech, Zahida had owned a technical training company from 1990 until it was sold in 1999. The company was located downtown Toronto and catered to fortune 500 companies, Government and local businesses.

Change or Die?

By mid 2000, the Web became quite competitive and clients were demanding more help to bring more traffic to their websites.  LEXXtech listened to their client's demands and were nimble enough to start offering internet marketing services.

A few years later, social media and mobile grew at unprecendented rates and these 2 platforms quickly became one of the most effective methods for client acquisition and connection.  With their strong influence LEXXtech decided to redefine and refocus the company by offering Smart . Social . Mobile . Marketing

If you are not employing social media and mobile into your marketing plans, your competitors will happily woo away your clients.  Tis time to Change or Die!!! If you wish to learn more on how Social Media and Mobile can help your business ...

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